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The Strangely Beautiful Trend You Don’t Want to Miss

We’ve all come across one at some point, on the sidewalk or in a parking lot somewhere after a fresh rain – the unmistakeable puddle of what looks like a very melted, very greasy rainbow. As a child, they can appear to be glistening magic portals. To most of us adults, they’re a scientific result of oil from some vehicle, or essentially pollution, mixing with rainwater.

They’re kind of gross and subconsciously give you the urge to take a bath but somehow, there’s still something so beautiful about them. Maybe it’s the opalescence, or the perfect use of colors in the perfect combination, but something about them still strikes us as hauntingly lovely.

Those glorious, greasy puddles have now become an even more glorious home decor trend, and while the whole “oil slick” look is very similar to the holographic trend and may seem like it should only be geared toward teens, I’ve come across ten very adult-like objects for the home that feature this deep rainbow sheen without being too much.

Nothing is more adult than a long-stemmed wine glass, except maybe one that also has the ability to hold an entire bottle of wine. That’s where this Oil Slick Wine Glass(from Urban Outfitters, $20) comes in, as it holds the trophy for both of those qualities.

If you’re anything like me and you don’t exactly trust yourself with anything long-stemmed or made of glass, I found a great solution. Not only is this Oil Slick Wineglass(from Urban Outfitters, $12) stemless, but it also happens to be made of stainless steel, plus it’s dishwasher safe. Even the messiest of us can’t mess this one up.

Continuing with our alcohol-based trend, this exclusive Oil Slick Bar Cocktail Shaker Set(from Urban Outfitters, down to $27 from $39) comes complete with everything you need to create the perfect cocktail.

This iridescent set includes a stainless steel shaker, strainer, mixing spoon that reverses to a muddler, plus a double-sided jigger for 0.5 oz and 1 oz pours. You will be the unicorn of party hosts when you’re mixing it up with this set.

Maybe alcohol isn’t quite your thing, but food definitely is. And nothing can make shoveling pasta into your face look more classy than this Electroplated Flatware Set(from Urban Outfitters, down to $42 from $69) which comes with the perfect amount of flatware for a small, magical dinner party.

This 12-piece polished metallic flatware set – including four knives, four forks, and four spoons – is electroplated with a rainbow oil slick finish and is currently on sale.

This Four Piece Place Setting(from Mikasa, down to $79.99 from $115) is everything my inner single, college-aged self wants in life. Nothing says “treat yourself” like cooking yourself a fantastic meal and then eating it off of this fabulous, rainbow plate ware because damn it, you deserve it.

Constructed of terra cotta, the iridescent glaze that is used gives each piece a unique look. One set comes with an 11″ dinner plate, an 8 1/2″ salad plate, an 11 ounce cereal bowl, and a 12 ounce mug – all dishwasher and microwave safe.

Another iridescent addition to your kitchen, this 3 Piece Electroplated Knife Set(from Urban Outfitters, $24) features a paring knife, a utility knife, plus a chef knife finished with durable, no-slip handles for added comfort. These babies will have to be hand washed to protect their beautiful sheen but they’re totally worth it.

Add a little more magic to your personal tea time with this Oil Slick Reactive Luster Teapot(from CB2, $14.95) made from dark stoneware and covered with an iridescent, reactive glaze, giving it a shiny kaleidoscopic effect. Each teapot is uniquely different and holds up to 20 ounces of tea.

This sweet, shiny Geo Oil Slick Planter(from Urban Outfitters, $20) can be used as a unique planter for your favorite greenery, or you can push the boundaries and store your favorite kitchen utensils, makeup brushes, pens and pencils, or anything else you need to keep organized and nearby. Featuring faceted etching all the way around in a gleaming, colorful oil slick finish for a modern statement piece.

I’m getting some serious I Dream of Genie vibes from this classically curvy Oil Slick Table Lamp(from Urban Outfitters, $89). Your typical ceramic table lamp has been updated with a magical iridescent oil slick finish and topped with a classic fabric shade.

If less of an understatement and more subtlety is what you aim for, this simple Oil Slick Marble Tray(from Urban Outfitters, down to $19 from $24) minimally accents your average catch-all tray with oil slick metal while displaying your favorite jewelry pieces, beauty products, and much more on a dresser or even a coffee table. There are unlimited ways to accent a room with this unique but subtle piece.

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