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12 Reasons Why World Market is Magical

There is one store that I will ultimately always try to sneak into anytime I am near it. Especially if I can make it in without my kids. I swear I can smell it before I ever lay eyes on it. It is literally a world of everything delightful that I never knew existed. That store would be the wonderland that is World Market.

I can never make it completely around this store and it’s devastating every time. I just love the different textures and the bold colors and the strange merchandise that you’d just never expect one place to have, like alcohol and unheard of snacks.

I decided to take a peek at their online shop and oh, my Lanta… World Market is approximately 86% more incredible than I originally believed. And I’ve created a list of twelve things they offer that are solid proof of its incredible-ness.


As everything in life should be, coffee first. And I am particularly a fan of pour-overs, so stumbling across this beautiful Chemex Glass Coffee Maker ($43.50) really surprised me. Being a barista for the better part of ten years, Chemex is a well known brand I recognize and prefer.

Their glass coffee makers are known for being made of non-porous glass that does not absorb odors or residues. This particular vessel brews up to six cups of perfect pour-over coffee without bitterness or sediment.

Simply place your grounds in a cone-shaped filter at the top and pour in hot water to create the best full-flavored coffee you’ve ever tasted. (Made of borosilicate glass and uses Chemex half circle FP-2 filters that are not included.)

One thing I’d go back to World Market to see in person would be this Cape Buffalo Wire Bust Wall Decor ($39.98). A member of Africa’s “Big Five” game animals, the Cape Buffalo has an iconic silhouette that lends itself beautifully to creative expression.

Talented Zimbabwean artists in South Africa craft this clever bust from reclaimed wire over the course of several hours. Once the wire is in place and galvanized, the finished piece is allowed to take on a hint of natural rust, which creates unique industrial styling for your wall.

This adorably undercover White Macrame Insulated Tote Bag ($39.99) is perfect for anything from a day at the beach or on the lake to a simple picnic in the park. It features a zip closure, comes insulated, and is apparently available in additional styles as well.

This winter felt exceptionally long so the fresh, summery combinations in this Vintage Style Jar Candle Collection ($4.48 each) are even more appealing. In a vintage-style gasket jar wrapped with a jute tie, these hand-poured candles bring retro charm and the scent of fresh melon and ocean waves to any space. Also available in Clementine & Basil, Sea Spray & Sunlit Beach, plus Sweet Agave & Mint and has a 30 hour burn time.

While we’re on the subject of candles and summer, one of my strongest memories from my childhood is citrusy smell of citronella. Whenever I smell it now as an adult, I am transported back to warm summer nights in the backyard while the adults sat around with beer and wine coolers, the smell of citronella and freshly cut grass heavy in the air.

My current favorite home decor trends are also coppery and metallic and generally employ some use of metal, so this set of two Hammered Metal Citronella Candles ($25.98 for both) is even more enticing. Bring the warm luster of copper and brass to any outdoor setting while also warding off mosquitoes with a 35 hour burn time.

Which brings us to The New Camp Outdoor Cookbook ($25), “Gourmet Grub for Campers, Road Trippers, and Adventurers”. Like many people, I am a huge fan of gourmet grub. Also like many people, I enjoy camping, road trips, and adventures, so this cookbook really jumped out at me.

Discover a wealth of smart campfire recipes for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, desserts, or community feasts in this essential guidebook for gourmet outdoor grub. Inside you’ll find important advice for using camping cooking ware like Dutch ovens, tips for building fires, and more. This hardcover book of 224 pages features favorites such as soppressata and fennel pizza or Korean flank steak. Yes, please.

I am still trying to figure out how this Nestle Cranberry KitKat Candy Bar ($7.99 each) existed for so long without my knowledge. One of my favorite snacks is the combo of dried cranberries and almonds, and one of my most favorite anything ever would happen to be chocolate.

A tasty transformation of the original milk chocolate-and-wafer Kit Kat, this bar is sprinkled with almonds and cranberries. Crafted in Japan, it’s a dreamy combination of rich, crunchy, and fruity in one delightful treat.

Of everything that I was shocked to see, these Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Single Packets ($3.99 for 25 count bag ) was the most impressive to me. I know this will anger many die hard Sriracha fans, but I’m not a fan at all. My husband, however, literally has the logo tattooed on the inside of one of his arms, rooster and all.

I’ve made the lame joke a hundred times that I was going to carry a small bottle of this stuff in my purse just for him when we go out to eat, so discovering this bag of single packets was fantastically exciting, and very useful.

Fun fact: Sriracha is crafted of fresh ingredients, making each pack vary in color based on the ripeness of the chilies used throughout the season. Also, it is named after the town of Si Racha in Thailand. Knowledge.

It may seem a little “extra” to serve cheese and meats on a crystal plate, but if that plate is an Agate Cheese Serving Board ($69.99 each) then it should be considered acceptable. I have quite an extensive collection of crystals and stones and consider them part of my spirituality, so the idea of using this beautiful crystal board to serve delicious things to my loved ones sounds like bliss.

Crafted by artisans in Brazil and finely polished for a smooth surface, each agate cheese board displays layers of quartz crystals with natural variations in color, giving each one its own unique look.

Equally as dazzling as the agate serving board are these Swaziland Elephant Candles ($7.98 each), completely crafted by hand and without using a mold. Instead, this process has been inspired by the ancient glass art of millefiori, where talented artisans of Swaziland in South Africa start by dying wax in large trays.

The cooled wax is cut into strips and layered to create patterns, which are then extruded and sliced. Finally, the wax is warmed enough to be hand worked into this unique and mesmerizing form. Available in additional styles, such as a rhino, sold separately.

There’s almost nothing better than something that is as useful as it is beautiful, and I think I’ve discovered that in this Amaranth Multi Use Oil ($12.99 for 4 oz bottle). This body oil is made of a hydrating combination of apricot seed oil and sweet almond oil and infused with real globe amaranth flower buds.

With a floral jasmine fragrance energized by fresh, fruity notes of grapefruit and red currant, this versatile moisturizer will bring a radiant glow to your hair, skin, and nails. Comes in a glass bottle with dropper and is available in additional scents.

Last but certainly not least, this package of Enchanted Wild Flower Soap Petals ($9.99 for box) caught my eye mainly because we all know how trendy it is right now to post photos of luxurious, petal-filled baths on Instagram. Instead of risking clogging your drain with real flowers and emerging from your bath with bouquets of wet petals stuck all over your body, these realistic petals double as soap and will not only dissolve, but will also get you beautifully clean in the process.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that World Market isn’t just one of those retailers promoting worldly culture while having no idea what that truly means. I was surprised by how many hand crafted products they carry, and the regions of the world they come from.

Next time I am let loose in there, I will make a much stronger attempt to see more than just their strange beer and snack selections.

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Thanks for reading!


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