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How to Bring Elements of the Jungle Into Your Home

Travel to any rainforest or jungle and you’ll find yourself hypnotized by deep, lush greens, peppered with bold reds, blues, and yellows as a result of the flora and fauna. You’ll be enveloped by the atmosphere – an entrancing dance of foliage and moisture and the heady sense of wanderlust tucked deep into its depths.

Bringing some of those mysterious and eclectic elements into your home can truly transform it from your average house to an inviting “jungalow”, and just as jungle leaves will forever be a summer staple trend, you can’t go wrong with the rest of these naturally eclectic elements.

Let everyone know exactly what your household is like before they even make it through your front door with this Welcome to the Jungle welcome mat ($50, from Urban Outfitters). Nothing says “This house is loud and chaotic” in a more adorable way.

Credenzas are making a comeback as one of the hottest modern home decor trends as they’re incredibly versatile, functional, and stylish. And there is no other credenza like the ones made by DENY Designs, as they are made with high quality and durable materials with a clean, minimal design and stylish artwork on the doors, such as this Pineapple Jungle Credenza By Lisa Argyropoulos ($848.30,from Apt2B)

Each credenza is built-to-order in Denver, Colorado and features strong Baltic Birch wood with a high-gloss finish that leaves the wood feeling smooth, plus an adjustable interior shelf for storing anything from your favorite records to your favorite liquor.

Also, Apt2B offers completely free shipping on all DENY Design orders.

I am terrible at keeping plants alive, and greenery is pretty crucial when you’re trying to create some jungle vibes. That’s why this silky Fig Tree in An African Basket ($249.99, from Pier 1 Imports) was incredibly appealing to me. The colors never fade, it’s clean, easy to maintain, and will last forever.

Another beautiful faux foliage addition is this lush Faux Monstera Plant ($129.99, from World Market), which adds just the right dose of bright greenery to any room and is super easy to drop into any decorative pot or basket.

These traditional South African-inspired pots may be too small to hold a faux tree, but they’re big enough to make a statement with their eye catching patterns, plus they can fit smaller succulents and cacti.

Each Art in the Forest Cachepot ($14, from West Elm) is hand painted and hand glazed, and each purchase helps preserve craft traditions worldwide.

Capture the jungle spirit as well as your jackets and scarves with this Wood Giraffe 5 Hook Rack ($29.99, from World Market) featuring a traditional African motif punctuated by metal giraffe hooks in an antique brass finish. Crafted of mango wood with a walnut finish, this piece is a World Market exclusive and comes ready to hang.

Evoke a relaxing day in the jungle with this Striped Cotton Hammock Swing (currently down to $189.99 from $236.99, from Novica), presented by Hammock Artisans of Ceará. This Brazilian swing is made of woven cotton in a rainbow striped pattern and includes a stretcher bar of eucalyptus wood.

Bring the jungle into the bathroom with your traditional green jungle prints, or add an imaginative twist instead with hues of blue and pink with the Dreamy Jungle Shower Curtain ($39, from Urban Outfitters), a beautiful, simple way to bring the green into every corner of your home.

Growing only in mountain jungles on remote islands in the South Pacific is the water vine used to weave these handcrafted Calaisio Bead-Rimmed Placemats ($155 for set of 4, from Neiman Marcus), a vine that is difficult to reach and challenging to harvest but, once reaped, grows back quickly, leaving no damage to ecologically sensitive forests. Time-consuming to weave, it yields a substantially more durable and heat- resistant products. Multiple styles are available as the beads can come in orange, yellow, salmon, turquoise, white, and red.

Mirrors have always been the ultimate home decor go-to as they bring light and the feeling of open space to any corner. Just one great mirror can change the vibe of an entire room with ease. Bohemian interior maven Justina Blakeney brings her signature “jungalow” style to life with this bright and cheerful Justina Blakeney Ida Mirror ($68, from Anthropologie), offering a unique way to display your own light in any room.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary way to introduce the at-times-dramatic elements of the jungle, the Elizabeth Scarlett Jungle Leaf Cushion in Rose and the Jungle Leaf Cushion in Natural, ($70 each, from Amara) are a beautiful addition as they feature hand illustrated golden and green monstera leaves embroidered onto a soft canvas fabric. Designed to encourage wanderlust and adventure, they are filled with a soft duck feather insert and finished with a contrasting white trim, introducing a casual yet elegant take on the whole “jungalow” trend.

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