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A Gypsy’s Guide to Opalhouse by Target

Like the vividly illustrated pages of a fairytale being brought to life, Target has delighted us once again with another bold, eclectic line of items for the home that are sure to ignite the wanderlust in all of us. Opalhouse, authentically-inspired and exclusively at Target, brought to us 1,300 pieces of bohemian home decor – everything from bedding and bath to tabletop decor and furniture.

Boasting three collections – Indochic, Canyon Sunrise, and Mallorca – there is something to appeal to the adventurer in all of us. You can find “French-Vietnamese fusion” in Indochic, “full of elegant shapes and sophisticated jewel tones.” With Canyon Sunrise, bask in “an organic look with its eyes on the southern horizon, as it’s laid back and it likes to roam.” Or fall in love with Mallorca with its contrast of “black, neutrals, and intricate details.”

Introducing unique designs and elevated details starting at just $1.99 in the way of pressed glass, bold colors and prints, and jewel-tone silks and velvets, Opalhouse is simply something to be witnessed. Here is your ultimate guide to the bohemian treasure trove that is Opalhouse, and the unexpected beauties it has to offer.

Nothing can instantly refresh a sitting space like a well-placed throw pillow, especially when that pillow is made of velvet and is available for under $30. You would be surprised how expensive a single throw pillow can be.

In colors such as aqua, blush, black, cream, green, and teal, this Pleated Velvet Throw Pillow ($26.99 each, from Target) is a classy addition you can’t go wrong with.

Our inner gypsy is obsessed with this Opalhouse Lory Pouf ($49.99, from Target), a square ottoman pouf combining a unique variety of textures, from tufts to tassels, and available in styles such as black and white, black, neutral, orange, pink, teal and green.

Made with a cotton and wool blend for softness and durability, this pouf is perfect for placing in front of a sofa or your favorite armchair to create a lively look.

Between geometric lighting pendants and actual furniture, rattan is becoming an increasingly popular trend. The Avocet Rattan Fan Back Accent Chair ($159.99, from Target) offers a bohemian take with natural-tones rattan that blends seamlessly with any color scheme.

If you’re looking for a spot to daydream that’s as free as your spirit, the Opalhouse Macrame Hammock Chair ($79.99, from Target) is the perfect solution. Made of weather resistant fabric and in an airy shade of beige, easily turn any corner into your personal cloud.

Create your own bohemian lair with these light filtering Tasseled Velvet Curtain Panels ($29.99-$39.99, from Target) and their lively style in two varieties – teal and yellow, and pink and orange.

Opalhouse offers another unique approach to the current rattan trend with the Rattan Table Lamp ($39.99-44.99, from Target) featuring a stylish rattan base and pink lamp shade with a dotted triangle pattern.

Fit only for the ultimate gypsy royalty, the Juno Tufted Rollback Velvet Loveseat ($499.99,from Target) is an elegant, yet quirky addition. Offering smooth velvet upholstery and a padded seat, this luxurious loveseat comes in both ivory and cobalt.

Another elegant, yet quirky piece is the dramatically-shaped Lyre Chanel Tufted Velvet Ottoman ($59.99, from Target) featuring an open and airy brass frame and velvet upholstery available in blue, blush, and teal.

No bohemian lair is complete without a luxurious, velveteen bed to lounge in. Opalhouse actually offers multiple eclectic and textural options for bedding, but the Velvet Tufted Stitch Quilt ($69.99-89.99, from Target) is by far my personal favorite. Not only does it come in the ultimate jewel tones of blush, citron, gray, green, merlot, and teal, but it fits nearly any aesthetic you are going for in your room with a pop of bold color. Made of a velvety material with all over tufting, it can transform any bed into the ultimate gypsy’s lounge.

(This post is a summarized list of my favorite products from the Opalhouse line. To find more of their eclectic products, click h e r e .)

For more trends and styling ideas, find me on Pinterest h e r e.

Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links to products and brands that I know and trust. All photography is the property of Target and Opalhouse. I do not own any of the rights to any product photos in this post. Thank you.)


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