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Bohemian Home Essentials for the Free Spirit

There is one home decor trend that will never go out of style, a trend that is so universal and widely popular that it seems to have grown roots and established itself as a permanent home decorating staple. Of course, it ebbs and flows as all trends do, a chameleon of trends as it blends in with any color, any theme it comes in contact with.

That is the beauty of bohemian, or “boho”. Just the word brings about feelings of tranquility and eccentricity. It is a beautiful collaboration of nature, eclecticism, bold patterns and colors, and at times, upcycling and recycling elements we’ve used before.

Bohemian is a melting pot of handmade and shabby chic, of thrifted treasures and high quality textures and objects. It can be anything from neutral cream and ivory to deep violets and scarlets and sapphires; an appreciation of the use of all things aesthetically pleasing.

The greatest attribute to bohemian decor is its openness and the space is created to decorate with imagination and creativity, instead of adhering to a limited theme or concept. It allows us to create a space around us that resembles what’s inside of us, an expression of the soul.

The bohemian trend has been photographed, written about, categorized, and showcased thousands of times in multiple different ways, but I wanted to curate my own list of favorite bohemian elements for the home and where to find them.

Let’s start things off with a book authored by one of my most favorite designers, Justina Blankeney, called “The New Bohemians Handbook: Come Home to Good Vibes”. There are very few physical books that I’ve actually purchased and read about home decor, but this is one of them. It “guides readers in beautifully simple techniques for adding good vibes and style to living spaces. Packed with hundreds of ideas for bringing positive energy to your home, the book features exercises and activities for thinking about rooms in new ways”, and really, what’s better than that?

($18 for hardcover copy from Amazon – click the photo for more details)

“The New Bohemians Handbook” helped me to discover my “spirit environment”, which sort of sounds like BS when you first hear the words but I swear is a real thing that you’re going to want to look into a little more. Once you figure out what your own is, this book helps you learn how to paint, rearrange, and plant your way to a bohemian paradise that promises to be fresh and inviting every time you come home.

Every great statement piece has a great story behind it and the Tahla Quilt ($134-182 from Anthropologie) is no exception. Part of the Hothouse quilt collection, each one is a labor of love as every single one takes 72 hours, 60 hands, 13 different processes, and countless colors to create. This specific Moroccan-inspired quilt features delineating arcs dappled with neutral or bright colors.

Maybe you’re like me and you have children with occasional Cheeto fingers so you’re unlikely to spend very much right now on things that are child-level, such as bedding. This artistic Wild at Heart Comforter Set ($63.99-87.99 from Target) combines quality, efficiency, and affordability with this reversible, unconventional bedding.

Throw a pile of mismatched pillows and any vibrant bohemian quilt with a wire-framed canopy bed, like the Lark Manor Aksel Canopy Bed ($219.99 from Joss & Main), to create the ultimate gypsy vibes.

Or try giving that spare bedroom or studio some extra eccentric boho vibes with the swanky Winterthur Day Bed Canopy ($1,250 from Lane Venture).

Remember the handbook I introduced at the beginning of this post, by designer and artist Justina Blakeney? Here is just one example of her “jungalow”-themed designs with the massively stylish Cohanga Hanging Chair ($900 from Lulu & Georgia), with base included.

Introduce a pop of vintage-inspired color with an abundance of storage to inspire serious bohemian chic vibes in any space in your home with the Mint Wood Butterfly Cabinet ($849.99 from World Market), a charming elm wood cabinet with ornately carved details, brass accents, and hand painted mint green finish carrying all of the sophistication of classic Chinese furniture with a fresh, contemporary twist.

No bohemian home is complete without a vibrant textured rug… or five. Something as simple as adding some patterns and color to a room can completely transform it. Take a look at this beautiful Multicolor Liesel Area Rug ($140-330 from World Market) with its handwoven geometric tribal design in a bright range of vivid hues.

Try something a little less bold but just as intricate and bohemian with the Blue Greta Area Rug ($75-135 from World Market), featuring a geometric design in a blue and yellow color palette. It also comes in a variety of sizes to fit perfectly in your home.

Create dimension in any room in your home with the natural tones of jute and bold, unique design with the Diamond Jute Kilim Anki Area Rug ($270-570 from World Market), featuring handwoven natural jute and soft cotton and boasting an exclusive design with shaggy tufted diamond shapes in wine red and light blue on a cream background with a geometric border. The dimensional tufts of each diamond quartet draw the eye and create a remarkable underfoot texture.

One of the best parts about bohemian style is the dark side of it – the slightly gothic, antique-inspired, deep jewel-toned and dark inky shades of color. This Shaded Chandelier ($99.99 from Target) is neither vintage or antiquated, but it does come in pink or black and features luxurious sparkling crystals suspended from sturdy metal hooks that are hidden from view with an elegant pleated lampshade.

With glass beads and pendants set on a metal frame, this shaded faux-crystal chandelier has a delicate appearance that’s sturdy and durable. It holds one lightbulb that creates light to reflect off of the glass beads for sophisticated, bohemian elegance.

Another beautifully designed Jungalow statement piece by Justina Blakeney, the Canvas Crochet Canopy ($249 from Pottery Barn Kids) features gorgeous crochet details and fringe around the edges to give your sleep space a little whimsical twist. Originally designed for little ones and their magical bedrooms, this canopy can be used in any room for any purpose, even if it’s just because we’re adults and we can.

These Raw Edge Wood Frames ($12.99-14.99 from World Market) are crafted of mango wood with a walnut finish and offer a subtle, unique way to express your love for nature in your home with the added benefit of displaying your loved ones as well.

Hang this Grace Macramé Window Portal (currently on sale for $99 from Urban Outfitters) in any doorway or window for an added elegant, dimensional bohemian element. Featuring netted cotton with gold thread accents, this piece is both chic and eclectic.

Currently incredibly popular within the boho realm, poufs have taken over due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. This teal, hand embroidered Kenza Moroccan Pouf ($205 from Lulu & Georgia) can be used for extra seating, an alternative side table, or just somewhere to prop your feet, while bringing an extra bohemian layer to any room it’s placed in.

A vintage and coastal take on the simple end table, the Mistana Cordova End Table ($59.99 from Wayfair) is inspired by natural elements, featuring a teak wood slab top with a base of crisscrossing sticks below to bring natural elegance to any room.

Even something simple, like switching out your boring plastic laundry hamper that slightly resembles a kitchen trash can for this Lorena Canals Tassel Laundry Basket ($59 from Urban Outfitters), can instantly transform the vibe of an entire room. Trimmed with oversized tassels and 100% cotton, this charming basket comes in black or natural tones and gives your dirty laundry a much more adorable resting place instead of the floor, or the back of the couch.

Whether you’re interests lie in subtle vintage inspiration, antique pieces with their own vivid stories, or imaginative, bold new statements with unique patterns and designs, the bohemian trend covers such a wide swath of style and decor that it is nearly impossible to go wrong with it.

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Thanks for reading!


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