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About the Author: Tylyn Fry

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I can’t stand a blank space. I am one of those people commonly referred to as “chaotically organized”, and this describes my life, my home, and my personality.

Overall, I am a writer. But I have many passions, such as jewelry making, collecting rocks and crystals, food and drink, meditation, hiking and rock climbing, fashion and style, up cycling and DIY, knitting and weaving, and home decor.

And now, I am a mom to three awesome boys, and my interests have grown to include budgeting and meal planning for two adults with a love for food, plus two toddlers that are fickle and picky about what they eat.

Motherly Fudge is about our tribe and how we manage the daily, focusing on how food affects us and our children and offering tips and ideas along the way.

(Disclaimer: Most posts are written from my iPhone, during very short, rare moments between getting juice and making PB&J’s and wiping baby butts, so please excuse any typos or lengthy spaces of time between posts.)

You can contact me by email at TylynFry@gmail.com

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